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Are you offering a flawless service but failing to see growth? Find out why here.

Are you offering a flawless service but failing to see growth? Find out why here.

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Your business may have notoriety for offering the most outstanding solutions for clients, but is a flawless service offering enough? Word of mouth recommendation and high quality work is no longer the only way to acquire new clients and a strengthened reputation for your business. Digital presence is now a vital component of promoting any business and the sooner this is understood, the sooner your business will see growth in client acquisition.

The online marketplace is a crowded place to be if you are a consumer seeking goods and services. Highlighting key features and benefits in a concise and aesthetically appealing manner can be the difference between your business being noticed or disregarded in the first instance. It is crucial that your business considers a marketing plan to boost visibility for potential clients in the digital market.

This may all seem overwhelming, and it can be difficult to make a start, but this will become much clearer after reading the MUST HAVES of a small businesses digital presence:


In order to maintain the healthy growth of your business, it is essential to operate an informative and functional website that showcases what YOU do best! The rapid evolvement of technology means that a high quality, user-friendly website could be the difference between gaining new clients and losing them to your competitors. Put ‘updating your website’ on the top of your to-do list.


Engaging your potential clients with new techniques may sound like a difficult job, but through the utilisation of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you have a world of opportunities at your doorstep. Regular posts on these platforms effectively remind your potential clients that you are ready and waiting to help them (with open arms of course). Thought-provoking and informative content can give clients the push they need to take action!


Would you want to talk to a business that didn’t have a professional appearance? Of course you wouldn’t! LinkedIn profiles for each member of your team can assist in building a strong reputation for business, making you the first choice among your competitors. People are actively searching for service providers through LinkedIn, so these profiles can be highly beneficial in the acquisition of new clients. LinkedIn is Australia’s fastest growing social media platforms, with 69% of the country currently connecting.


Don’t get left behind, ask Verve Group's Business Advisory team about LinkedIn and social media strategies today. Call (08) 8120 4877 or email to book an appointment.

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