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5 of the most proven ways to motivate staff

It is important in any organisation to have a team of staff that work productively, but it is common that employees often lack motivation to finish their tasks. Staff may have strong skills and knowledge; however the absence of motivation can deteriorate from achieving organisational goals.

The following 5 approaches will assist in boosting your staff’s motivation levels:


Staff often feel unappreciated in their roles, therefore regularly thanking and rewarding employees for a job well done positively reinforces that they matter. Showing that you need them as much as they need you builds a mutual relationship of respect. It’s a good idea to personally thank all members when a tough project is completed to show your gratitude for their efforts.


Speaking to your staff on a regular basis to check in with their work lives and personal lives is an inexpensive method to increase staff motivation. Taking a genuine interest in their lives and encouraging them to achieve a healthy work-life balance will reiterate that you care for your staff. Understanding that their lives can be busy and offering flexibility with schedules will result in great respect for you and the organisation itself.


As a manager at an organisation, it is your job to lead by example and create an infectious mood that reverberates throughout the workplace. Maintaining a feeling of excitement and positivity surrounding goals and outcomes will flow through to your staff. If employees are as excited as the manager for the future, they will put in the hard yards to help achieve those goals.


Providing opportunities for training or promotion in order for advancement in their careers is highly regarded by staff. The chance to move up in the organisation or to develop individual skills is a great way to increase motivation throughout the workplace. This gives staff personal goals to work towards as well as organisation oriented goals.


Without involvement, staff can often feel as if they are ‘working for the man’. Taking staff opinions and suggestions into consideration for decisions that directly affect them can help to create a feeling of empowerment in the workplace. When employees are being involved in important decisions, they feel much more connected to the workplace and will be more encouraged to help it thrive.

Not only are these approaches important to boost motivation levels for your staff, they are vital in building a solid reputation for your organisation. If your organisation is known to create a healthy workplace culture, both future employees and clients will be more attracted to you. Motivation plays a key role in any organisation, so implementing these strategies will be the first step in successfully achieving your goals.


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