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Verve Group CEO

Empowering your business to make profitable decisions

Are your decisions helping to grow your business?

As a small to medium business owner, you likely wear a lot of hats in your business. From daily operations and managing your team, to deciding on pricing strategies and overseeing the finances - it all equates to hundreds of decisions that need to be made every single day. 

Your experience within your own industry is invaluable in making the quick, everyday decisions. That's probably what has helped grow your business from day one. 


But what happens when you're making the important decisions that will impact your business in the long-term? Are you still relying purely on your intuition and gut feeling?

We're talking about the decisions that you feel confused and anxious about making.

  • Why have I got no cash in the bank? How can I fix this?

  • How much can I afford to spend on advertising?

  • Do I have the capacity to hire another person?

  • Should I be increasing my price or should I focus on cutting costs? How will this affect my revenue?

  • How is the landscape changing in my industry? How can I mitigate risk or capitalise on opportunities?

  • How can I more accurately forecast supply and demand?

Smart decision making boils down to two things; information and conversation.

With access to quality information from our powerful financial performance and modelling software, in addition to having meaningful conversations, you will be making smarter decisions to create value in your business. 

After all, your business is your livelihood. It's your family's livelihood. Shouldn't you be creating value at every opportunity?

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Smart decision making boils down to two things; information and conversation.

How can I make more informed decisions?

Your profit and loss statement, along with your balance sheet, hold incredibly valuable information about your business. But unless you're an experienced accountant, it's likely that much of the information is overlooked.

Without a method to visualise and interpret your data, it cannot be utilised to create value for your business. So how can you, as a small to medium business owner, unlock the power of this information to make smarter decisions about your business?

Verve Group's innovative program for small to medium business owners - Verve Group CEO - combines the value of your financial information with the business acumen of a Verve Group consultant. You'll work closely with an experienced Verve Group Director, Marc Loader in SA or Tanya Kirker in the NT, to uncover problems in your business and cultivate a collaborative process that validates every major decision you make.

How will Verve Group CEO work for my business?

Verve Group consultants utilise powerful predictive software to help you understand how changing different variables will impact the bottom line of your business. In collaboration with a Verve Group consultant, you'll have thought-provoking discussions about your business and decisions that could be made. Can we and should we be making certain decisions? This is the basis for ratifying decisions, and you need to be answering yes to both. Monthly workshops will ensure you gain a deep understanding on how decisions will affect your operational cash flow and return on business investment, helping to improve your financial literacy.

Not only will you have a clear idea on which smart decisions to make, your Verve Group consultant will work with you to formulate strategies and implement actions to make it happen. It won't be easy, but what part of business is? We'll have the tough yet meaningful conversations, hold you and your stakeholders accountable against the actions decided upon, and help to expand your awareness on different perspectives.

Get the peace of mind that every decision you make is progressing your business.

Will a Verve Group consultant be helpful for my business?

There's plenty of reasons that we've detailed as to how an external consultant can help to grow your business, but the truth is you won't know until you give it a shot.

That's why Verve Group offers a free, no obligation consultation for businesses wanting to pick the brains of our Accounting Directors Marc Loader and Tanya Kirker. You can get a feel for the Verve Group CEO program and how it will work to improve your business.


If you're serious about making a positive change, we want to talk to you. Book your free consultation below.

In our decades of experience as consultants, we've found that external parties can bring the key players in a business together, resolving differing viewpoints and getting everyone on the same page to work towards a common goal. Business owners often have the desire to put more thought into researching and making the tough decisions, however with time constraints it often falls back to the gut feeling approach. A Verve Group consultant will hold you and your team accountable not only for making key decisions based on financial data, but also for the implementation of decided upon actions.

An external perspective can help you to identify weak spots within your business that you may have otherwise overlooked. With decades of experience behind them, Verve Group consultants can also provide suggestions to assist you in rectifying the weak spots and drive continuous improvement in your business.

The facilitation of a monthly workshop by a Verve Group consultant creates an environment where you can talk about your vulnerabilities in your business and discuss pragmatic solutions. Throwing around ideas and running it by Verve Group consultants that have decades of experience in business provides you with an edge over your competitors. We do our best work when we're helping you look towards the future in order to make changes that mitigate risk and capitalise on opportunities. And we're certainly not afraid to tackle your most pressing problems.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started today.

It all begins with the first step.

Are you ready to create more value in your business?

Book your free, no obligation consultation to pick the brain of the Verve Group Director based in your closest location:




Tanya Kirker

Director / Consultant

Consultation CEO
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