Financial Planning


For those nearing retirement 

A financial plan will ensure you are making the most of now, whilst preparing for the next stage (or unexpected curveball) in life. Have you thought about the following?

  • Will I have enough income to live comfortably in retirement?
  • Is my family protected should something unexpected happen?
  • What do I need to know about life insurance?
  • How can I invest and structure my finances in the most tax effective way?
  • How can I manage my debt and pay off my home sooner?
  • How can I make my money work harder for me?
  • What’s the best structure to protect my investments and assets?
  • How can I maximise my government, pension or security entitlements?
  • What about estate planning?

Your hard work has paid off, the kids are largely financially self-sufficient and the expenses associated with raising your children have become less demanding. This should see a large increase in your investable income and your ability to pay off debt more quickly. 


In the years leading up to retirement, there's a lot to consider. You also want to make sure you don't miss out on the great opportunities available to you. 

​Now is the time to maximise your super and investments, whilst reducing tax and any debt you may have. You should be re-assessing the amount of insurance cover you need to protect your loved ones and assets, whilst thinking forward to develop a well-structured plan to prepare for your retirement.


Verve Group advisers will help you to make the most of this time in your life, giving you the information and confidence to make smart financial decisions - and if the plan changes, we'll work with you to adjust it to conquer life's unexpected curveballs.

It's never too late to plan for your financial future. Get started with a free consultation with a friendly Verve Group adviser.

Personal Financial Risk Survey

Want a clearer vision of your financial situation? Take our 1 minute Personal Risk Survey. This survey was developed to look at your personal, financial and lifestyle risks. Once completed, you can download a scorecard that flags your high, medium and low risks, easily demonstrating where you may need to take action.


“Anyone looking for financial advice? Matt Carberry is the man. I thoroughly recommend his services which I have been using for over seven years now. He is smart, switched on, a lovely guy with a young family and has done a great job for me personally. I totally trust and recommend him.”



What does a financial planner do?

Your Verve Group financial planner can complete a comprehensive review of your financial situation and provide you with a plan to help you achieve your short, medium and long term goals. Your plan can include new opportunities and provide you with strategies to improve, grow and protect your wealth.

Is financial planning right for me?

Many people think financial planning is just for the wealthy. However, financial planning can help people at all ages and at all levels of financial health. The sooner you start planning the more time you’ll have to achieve your financial goals, and the better off you'll be in the future.

How can financial planning help me?

Your financial planner can help you do what's most important to you. This could include, but isn't limited to:

  • Set financial goals that balance your needs for today and tomorrow
  • Create a plan to help support your family financially
  • Start investing or optimise your existing portfolio
  • Understand the best way to use a windfall, an inheritance, a pay rise or a bonus payment
  • Maximise your super and rollovers
  • Become debt free
  • Plan for retirement

What can I expect from the initial consultation?

Step 1: Identify and prioritise your goals Our initial meeting is all about getting to know you, giving us a clear picture of your current position and financial goals. This will involve a detailed discussion about why you are seeking advice, including:

  • gathering information on your current financial situation and budget;
  • what you want to achieve – identifying your goals;
  • your approach to investing – understanding your risk profile; and
  • identifying other issues which may be relevant in the context of providing you with financial services.
The information obtained will be used to determine if we are able to assist you to achieve your goals and objectives.

What happens after the initial consultation?

Step 2: Strategy Meeting At our second meeting, we will discuss with you some general strategy options that may be relevant for your personal situation. We will also at this stage gather any other relevant information that is necessary for us to formulate our final recommendations in a financial plan. The information obtained will be used if you decide to proceed to the next stage where we would prepare a financial plan specific to your circumstances. If you choose to proceed, a plan preparation fee will be discussed and agreed upon. This fee covers the time and resources required to prepare your financial plan and will vary depending on your requirements and the complexity of your plan. Step 3: Presenting our advice At our third meeting, your financial plan (known as a Statement of Advice), will be presented to you. It will include strategies and products designed to suit your individual needs and your financial goals. This meeting will involve confirming why you are seeking advice and explaining our advice to you. It is important you understand the recommended strategies and associated risks so you can make an informed decision about achieving your financial goals. We also provide you with educational information, which explains strategy and investment concepts contained in the Statement of Advice (SoA). You will also be provided with Product Disclosure Statements (PDS), or other disclosure documents relating to any recommended products in your financial plan. These important documents will detail and explain the features, benefits, risks and product specific costs, fees and charges. Step 4: Implementing your financial plan When you are happy with our advice and have provided your written authority to proceed, we will start the process of implementing the recommendations. This can include, but may not be limited to:

  • setting up new, or transferring existing investments;
  • assisting you in establishing new loan facilities;
  • consolidating or rolling over your superannuation accounts;
  • establishing regular investment or superannuation contributions;
  • establishing insurance policies.
Step 5: Post-implementation We will be in contact with you 2-3 months after the implementation of our advice to ensure that everything is running smoothly and answer any questions you may have in relation to the process thus far. Step 6: Reviewing your financial plan Ongoing reviews are essential to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals; Should you choose to receive ongoing advice and service, the frequency of contact you would like to maintain with us and your individual circumstances will determine the fees charged for the ongoing relationship. financial planning process

What is the benefit of choosing a Count Financial Accredited Adviser?

As a Member of the Count network we offer an unrivalled combination of skills, ethics and professionalism, to help keep you on the right financial track. 1. PEACE OF MIND
For more than 30 years, Count has provided written financial plans to help Australians reach their goals. 2. WE’RE ON YOUR SIDE
We recommend investments based on their suitability to your specific needs – not the financial concerns of a parent company. 3. WE’RE HIGHLY TALENTED PROFESSIONALS
To join the Count network we had to meet strict criteria and undergo comprehensive training. In fact, to remain part of Count we must continue our training on an ongoing basis. 4. PAY LESS TAX
Your Count Adviser can recommend strategies for tax minimisation as well as wealth creation. 5. SAVE YOU TIME
Our comprehensive advice saves you the time and hassle of visiting a number of different finance professionals. We can advise you on superannuation, investments, personal insurance, retirement planning, Centrelink strategies, loans, risk insurance and asset finance. 6. BIG ENOUGH TO TRUST
As a Count Adviser, we are backed by Count Financial. 7. SMALL ENOUGH TO CARE
Even though we are part of a larger network, Verve Group is independently-owned and operate and advise clients in our local community. 8. WE USE OUR SIZE TO NEGOTIATE THE BEST PRODUCTS FOR YOU
Our comprehensive advice saves you time and the hassle of visiting a number of different finance professionals.

Important Information
Verve Group is an Authorised Representative of Count. ‘Count’ and Count Wealth Accountants® are trading names of Count Financial Limited, ABN 19 001 974 625 Australian Financial Services Licence Holder Number 227232 (“Count”). Count is 85% owned by CountPlus Limited ABN 111 26 990 832 (CountPlus) of Level 8, 1 Chifley Square, Sydney 2000 NSW and 15% owned by Count Member Firm Pty Ltd ACN 633 983 490 of Level 8, 1 Chifley Square, Sydney 2000 NSW. CountPlus is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Count Member Firm Pty Ltd is owned by Count Member Firm DT Pty Ltd ACN 633 956 073 which holds the assets under a discretionary trust for certain beneficiaries including potentially some corporate authorised representatives of Count Financial Ltd.
General advice warning: The advice provided is general advice only as, in preparing it we did not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. Before making an investment decision on the basis of this advice, you should consider how appropriate the advice is to your particular investment needs, and objectives. You should also consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before making any decision relating to a financial product.
Please note that any taxation and accounting services are not endorsed nor the responsibility of Count Financial Limited.