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5 reasons as to why seeking a DNA business adviser will help build your ideal business!

Are you a business owner?

business adviser meeting building your business

Because we know that your time can often be tied up by a multitude of tasks. If you are trying to develop a growth strategy, improve your staff or increase your business’ profitability it can be valuable to get some expert guidance from a DNA business adviser.

A primary function of a business adviser is to breakdown day to day activities and highlight key areas for improvement. Below, you will find 5 reasons as to why seeking a DNA business adviser has the power to change your approach to business.

1) Explicitly, expert advice With experience from a range of industries and business structures, DNA Business Advisers have “Been there and done that.” What does this offer you? Real life experience that can sculpt your business to success.

2) Look at things through a new lens Getting caught up in the daily grind often means you miss key areas that effect efficiency. Why not engage an independent perspective on your business that you spend so much time in? Certain elements may not be in yours or your business’ best interests, your adviser can pinpoint this for you.

3) Build a greater network The DNA Business Advisers are able to open many doors for you - be it a better supplier or a person with outstanding geographic knowledge of your target area. It is often through Business Advisory that doors are opened to form long standing relationships benefitting your business.

4) Skills, skills, skills If you are struggling with a task in particular, for example an employee issue, bookkeeping, the sale of assets or perhaps start-up activities, a DNA business adviser can guide you on these topics. Relying on skills gained through practical experience, your adviser is a specialist in these areas.

5) Plan to be successful, no matter what stage of life your business is at Part of the discover element of the DNA program is to uncover obstacles that may resist success in the future.

Why a DNA business adviser, what does that mean?

Verve Group offer a different slant on business advisory. As an innovative and forward thinking firm, we specialise in areas of accounting & tax and financial planning. The title DNA, represents our program, DISCOVER | NAVIGATE | ACCELERATE your business.

Seeking advice from a business adviser is the first phase in establishing the “Discover” element.

Get what you really want out of your business!


Want to get in touch? Contact our Business Advisor, Martin Pike at Verve Group today on (08) 8120 4877 or email for your complimentary and confidential discussion.

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