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3 ways to discover the weakest areas in your business

Through the identification of the weakest pillars in your business, you can recognise areas that present the best opportunities for growth. At Verve Group, we can help you to pinpoint the areas in your business that will deliver the greatest benefits (with a bit of work of course).

grow your business

To get you on the path of thinking about your strengths and weaknesses, try the following methods to gain easy insight into your business from a few different perspectives.

#1 Talk to your customers

Conduct customer satisfaction surveys to delve into the consumers' mind. Ask what they think you do well in, what you could improve on, and how they rate you in comparison to competition.

#2 Speak to your staff

Often people within your business have the best idea of what needs work (use this to your advantage!). It only takes a casual conversation with staff to uncover valuable information. If you're not comfortable asking staff directly, it's quick and easy to create an anonymous online survey. Alternatively, go old-school with a feedback/suggestion box.

#3 Analyse your revenue streams

If you're making more money in some areas of your business compared to others, these are probably your strengths. Take a look at what's bringing in the least amount of money as this could be a good indicator of a weak spot. It's important to realise you might have more resources allocated in one area of business, so analyse this information carefully!

It's time to make positive change happen. Talk to a business advisor at Verve Group today and see how we can work together to grow your business.


Call Sean Loader today on 08 8120 4877 or email to have a chat about improving the future of your business.

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