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5 signs that your organisation has a serious culture problem

culture problem

Your business might be achieving profits, but are your staff happy? A healthy workplace culture is important, and yours might be in trouble if any of the following sound familiar:

  1. Your workplace is a mess A messy and untidy space shows that your employees are careless and don’t care about the appearance of the workplace. The first thing people take note of when they visit your workplace is its cleanliness – so be sure to clean up after yourself and encourage your staff to do the same.

  2. Working after office hours If numerous employees are working outside of office hours, it shows that management are potentially being inconsiderate of their staff maintaining a healthy work-life balance. If this becomes a regular pattern, employees may come to resent their workplace and the people in it.

  3. No social activities Have you ever heard of a social club? Organisations with a healthy culture encourage employees to participate in various activities that aren’t work related. If your organisation doesn't offer this, it might be a good time to introduce a social club!

  4. Lack of leadership A great manager will always lead by example. They will be actively excited about the future and what it holds for the organisation. A lack of this leadership will result in employees feeling directionless with no motivation to succeed.

  5. Turnover is high Do you find that you lose staff quickly, after only months of them starting the job? High turnover may be caused by an unhealthy workplace culture, where an employee doesn’t feel valued or important as part of your team.

  6. Jealousy over success If employees are often jealous over others’ success in an organisation, it might be time to reinvent your workplace culture. People should not be insecure about other employees succeeding in their endeavours, but rather congratulate them in their efforts.

A healthy workplace is important for success in any organisation. If employees are to be happy and thrive in their positions, management must focus on providing a consistently positive workplace culture.

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culture masterclass


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