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We are a referral based business and value your referral

Verve Group's Referral Policy

A referral from an existing client is the preferred way for a new client to find us. With so little independent information available, a referral from a friend or colleague makes the decision of finding a professional so much easier.


As a result, we receive many referrals from our clients and treat each referral very seriously.


Just in case there was someone you knew who required our assistance in the future, you should be aware of our Referral Policy. 


  • All referrals from clients are treated on a no-obligation basis. We welcome the opportunity to meet with any referrals, but there is no pressure placed on them. 

  • We maintain strict confidentiality and Privacy Policy procedures between clients and any of their referrals. We cannot discuss either parties situation between them. 

  • We ask for a brief introduction (coffee, email, seminar) to any client referral, to avoid any surprises or the feeling of a "telemarketer". 


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