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Shae's tips: What can I claim?

Well, that time of year is fast approaching, and we are often asked “what can I claim to maximise my tax refund?” Usually you can claim vehicle and work travel expenses, clothing and laundering expenses (just a tip, these clothing items MUST be work related like a uniform or construction site work/footwear for example, unfortunately you can’t claim your $50 Target blouse because you need to wear clothes in front of clients or workmates), mobile, home phone and internet expenses (talk to your accountant about percentages and other claimable, especially if you had to work from home due to Covid), work-related education & training courses & resources, tools & equipment and you may also be able to claim overtime meals. You can also claim donations (over $2) you have made to charities, just be sure to keep those receipts!

If you have any queries on any other claims or deductions, just ask your accountant; they’ll see you right.

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