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Rural Business Support

This year saw the much anticipated introduction of a new Small Business Financial Counselling (SBFC).

Through their well-developed rural and regional stakeholder relationships, RBS has been acutely aware of the heavy financial impact of adverse events on small businesses outside of primary production. Until now, they business remit has prevented them from working with small business owners beyond the farm gate.

In February 2020, RBS welcomed the announcement by the Australian Government of new funding to support eligible small business owners in drought affected areas.

The financial toll from the drought, bushfire and then COVID-19 resulted in welcomed additional government funding being directed their way.

They now have Small Business Financial Counsellors working throughout SA and NT. The team is working with business people from a range of sectors including rural supply stores, service stations/ garages, general stores/post offices, retail, cafes, builders, mechanics, freight/haulage companies and tourism enterprises

With this program, Verve group can:

  • make sure your finances meet your immediate and future needs (Financial Planning)

  • Give you support with Xero setup, restructures, succession planning and legal fees

  • Understand your business's financial position and future viability (business planning, review and mentoring)

  • equip you with the knowledge on what to do and how to do it so you can unlock your TRUE business potential (Business Builder Workshops)

  • and much more...

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