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Does your accountant really love you?

Verve Group Accountant

An accountant will lodge your BAS and send you a Profit and Loss Statement and a Balance Sheet. A good accountant will also give you up front prices, won’t charge you for extras like phone calls, lunch and email support and will identify areas to save you tax.

A great accountant will do all this, make you more money but show you the love.

Great accountants are not just passionate about what they do, they’re passionate about you. Let’s face it, we all want to be loved and as 21st century citizens we’re demanding love when we’re out for dinner, or at the golf club, or on holiday.

Love may be never having to say you’re sorry (name that film?) but at Verve Group we prefer to describe the love as taking a great pleasure and interest in something.

So here’s ten ways your account should show you the love.

  1. They’ll go through your end of year Profit and Loss statement and your Balance Sheet to make sure you understand all the terms and all the figures.

  2. They have the knowledge to benchmark your business with competitors.

  3. They’ll have worked out your gross profit percentage and whether this is reasonable for your type of business

  4. They are able to present you strategies for reducing expenses

  5. They’ll have considered ways for you to improve cashflow

  6. For multi product or service organisations they’ll have identified the ones that will make the most profit and why

  7. They’ll have suggested you undertake an annual organisation and financial review, even if your business is making a decent profit

  8. They’ll be able to help you develop a SMART business plan

  9. They’ll have flagged whether you have the cash flow to ride out a downturn

  10. They’ll be able to develop a personal financial plan for you and your shareholders


If you’re not feeling loved, let us know why by contacting us via phone (08) 8140 4877 or email

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