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Navigate your business challenges with a mentor who has been there before

How can regular structured conversations combined with decades of business experience and access to development tools grow your business?

At Verve Group, we understand that tackling business challenges alone can be difficult. We offer business mentors through our Business Momentum Program, as it’s reassuring to know you have someone you can rely on for perspective, knowledge and insight. As they say, two heads are better than one!

Engaging a Verve Group business mentor will add an experienced adviser to your management team, helping you to make smarter decisions and identify potential breakthrough business ideas.

Our business mentoring process helps you:

  • Make better use of your time and investment in your employees and capital

  • Understand your challenges and craft strategies to grow your business

  • Bounces ideas around and stress test initiatives prior to implementation

  • Explore alternative courses of action to ensure smarter business decisions

Our advice also extends to business establishment and structuring to ensure that you're operating in the most tax effective manner.

We help businesses all across Adelaide and South Australia via our Glenelg office. In the Northern Territory, we help businesses in all areas via our office in Alice Springs. We can help your small business too. 

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