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7 steps to achieving the perfect work-life balance

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed with your work and feel as though your personal life is suffering as a result? Put your best foot forward this year by implementing strategies that will help you to achieve balance in all areas of your life.

It may be difficult to know where to start, however these 7 steps will assist you in cultivating a healthy work-life balance.

1. PRIORITISE Set priorities at the beginning of the day so that the most important tasks are being dealt with. Having priorities will help you to complete tasks, rather than trying to finish everything at once.

2. SET END TIMES Define a time of the day when you will stop working, and stick to it. This will encourage productivity during the day and allows time in the evening for socialising.

3. SCHEDULING Schedule time to focus solely on important tasks and remove all other distractions during that period. Get the tough stuff out the way to enjoy other aspects of life.

4. COMMIT TO SOCIALISING Maintaining relationships with friends and family is essential; don’t allow your work to dictate when you pay them attention. Start committing to your plans to socialise so you can organise yourself to get your work done prior.

5. TAKE BREAKS Take frequent breaks throughout the day, even if they are short. Breaks leave you more focused and energised, leading to increased productivity that could get you home earlier.

6. PERSONALISE YOUR WORKSPACE Creating a stimulating work environment is important to encourage inspiration throughout the day. Bring in some photos, your own tea cup, buy a plant; anything that contributes to your happiness!

7. STAY ORGANISED Keep your workspace clean and clutter free through the utilisation of digital programs. It will keep you feeling organised and more likely to leave work if everything is in place.

Creating a balance suited to your individual needs will enable you to relax and socialise, encouraging the potential for growth in both work and personal areas of life. Make 2018 your year to achieve a healthy work-life balance!


If you are having trouble organising your work-life balance, email me today at or give me a call on 08 8120 4877. I can help you to become more efficient with your business so that you have time for all aspects in your life.

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