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Sit back, relax and review!

Christmas time is approaching, and with that the start of a new year. The presents are wrapped and the lights are up, but what else needs to be done before the end of the holiday period?

verve group wealth protection

Consider reviewing your insurance policies to ensure you are fully covered for 2018.

It is important that insurance policies are reviewed annually in order to account for any major changes that may have occurred throughout the previous year. By altering existing policies and purchasing new policies, you will become content in knowing that you and your family are fully covered. Clarifying that your level of insurance is adequate for any additional financial commitments you may have taken on is essential to sufficiently cover your changing circumstances.

The many major changes that may have occurred throughout the year include:

Increase of income levels

With greater levels of income, it is likely that you have taken on more financial commitments and will require higher coverage.

Repayment of debts

With debts being paid off, the amount of insurance required will decrease. To save money on insurance premiums, it is important to consider this change.

Relationships/Family additions

Throughout the year there may have been changes to your relationship status which could affect your life insurance policies. An addition to the family is also extremely important to consider as this will change your finances significantly.

Rise in financial commitments

A rise in financial commitments could refer to the purchase of a new car, taking out a loan to buy a car, or renovating your house amongst many others. Any new valuable purchase will need to be insured, whilst your house insurance will need to be increased to cover improvements.

Change is constant in our lives and it can be difficult to adjust insurance policies every time our life circumstances become different. Take the chance during the festive period to undertake an annual review of your insurance policies to ensure you are fully protected for the year to come.


If you are unsure how to amend your options for planning insurance strategies, take advantage by talking to one of Verve Group's Financial Advisors to explore the various ways insurance can assist in protecting yourself and your family. Call (08) 8120 4877 or email: to book an appointment.

Start 2018 with peace of mind that you are fully covered and protected in all aspects of your insurance policies.

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