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How to build a better business with a better team

Finding a perfectly functioning team for your business can be difficult, especially as a business owner or manager. What needs to be considered when looking over a pile of resumes? How can you help your current team to work more effectively? These tactics will help take the stress out of building a better team and allow you to thrive with the right team.

Conduct non-work activities

A team that is more connected is more effective during work. Team-building exercises can sometimes seem cringe worthy, so if that’s out of the question try a different technique to encourage your team to bond. Dedicate one day per week to have a shared employee lunch, where everyone can connect without discussing work. Alternatively, conduct social activities outside of work hours to ensure that your team members are building a positive morale.

Hire for culture as well as skills

When searching for a new employee to join the team, consider not only their relevant skills but also their fit for the business’ culture. A potential employee that has the best skills but doesn’t suit the culture will detract from the team’s success. When building your team remember that you can teach employee new skills, but not an attitude that fits your culture.

Show appreciation

Encouragement is one of the greatest motivators in a business, so show your appreciation for effort and your team will perform better. Recognising accomplishments and celebrating success will build a team that strives to complete great work, leading to better business outcomes.

Assign team goals

Clarifying the tasks that a team is working towards gives proper direction and responsibility for each member. Assigning goals to a team will help to improve communication and minimise conflict, leading to a happier and more successful workplace. When goals are defined and reached, it enables the celebration of success.

Balance your weaknesses

It is important to hire employees for your team that have a different skill set to your current team. Look for gaps in your team where there are weaknesses and hire people that specifically possess such skills. This tactic will help to build a strong and whole team that can cover all areas of business.

Creating a great team can be a tricky feat, but these tactics should help you find the right fit for your business. Through some hard work in building an improved team, your business will be delivering better results in no time.


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