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Clock on, clock off 21st century style

Remember ye olde days when employees used to come in and punch their time cards? 'Clocking on' and 'clocking off' was the way hard working people from across the globe showed that they were at work for the day.

clock on, clock off

Whilst the system had it's flaws (lots of work mates clocking on for tardy co-workers), the basic system worked a treat at allowing employers to track employee hours. So, now we find ourselves in 2014 an unsurprisingly there have been some significant steps forward in the traditional 'clocked' system. Welcome to fingerprint coding, pin codes, photo recognition, apps & more...welcome Wageloch and Tanda.

Wageloch lets you create rosters for your staff. It also allows your staff to check in at the start and out at the end of a shift with a fingerprint, making sure that you only pay for time worked. Time sheets can be exported to Xero with a click of a button. It is a very basic, but accurate tool for small businesses. Find out more here.

Tanda is a brand new application that lets employees start and end their shifts by entering their unique pin code. Their photo will be taken when entering their pin, so you can rest assured they are who they say they are. Tanda keeps track of different variables such as hours worked, overtime and penalty rates etc. Of course these time sheets can be exported to payroll with the click of a button. Rostering is also a breeze when setup through Tanda. Find out more here.

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