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Does your culture help or hinder workplace performance?

Does your culture stink?

No, really, we're being serious. It sounds like a strange question, but if your workplace culture stinks, this has a negative impact on your overall performance.

Ask yourself the questions below to see if the culture in your workplace stinks.

1. Everyone there behaves with caution.

If you feel like your office offers a stuffy and stifling atmosphere, this could indicate that employees are operating with caution. Engineer your office to be a creative space that gives people the chance to put forward their ideas with confidence.

2. Employees are robotic drones.

Make sure everyone is exuding their own personality! There should be an element to your workplace that is personal and not too task focused.

3. You can’t glean any clues about the brand or the people behind it when you walk in the door.

If you can tour four different offices without being able to tell the difference between them, you’ve got four cultures that are in trouble.

4. There is a complete lack of fun.

If you never have any fun at work then it is a further sign you are in trouble. This doesn't mean you need ping-pong tables in every office area, but just by providing an environment where there is fun, you can improve connections and creativity among staff.

5. There’s no movement and little interaction.

If people come to the office, go to their spot, and go home, the organisation is not capturing the benefits that come from spontaneous interactions among its thinkers. If you never, ever have an interesting conversation with co-workers, that's a big problem.

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